London Internship

I had an amazing time in London and was able to enjoy my two month stay there while also being able to see some of the Olympic venues and events like the Women’s Olympic Triathlon in Hyde Park. I met new people both from my school, from other US states and many various countries.  Trying new foods became a habit and I learned how to travel more on my own. I visited many places in London such as the food markets and shops and even had the opportunity to see a few famous people. Ireland, Paris and Stonehenge were a few of the places I was able to travel to on my weekends, when I wasn’t going to class. My Internship taught me much about what goes into designing and finalizing a website. My supervisor and I became very close and we always had a fun time at the office. Overall it was a great experience and I cannot wait to go back and visit friends.

                               London      IMG_2464


These are three different business cards I designed for a Philippine furniture company. I worked with another designer from France on this project. He designed the logo and chose the typeface while I designed
what would go on the rest of the card.

sisla 2

sisla 1

sisla 3


The following two ads are promoting acupuncture and massage therapy. Although this project is not entirely finished, I helped crop the images and arrange the design elements in a way that made the calming colors flow.

Picture 11
Picture 10


Walls of the Wild is a wall sticker website in which you can order animal wall stickers online. I communicated
with a web developer to finalize most of this website and designed aspects that need to be designed.
I uploaded many of the images and made sure all aspects of the site were working properly.

Picture 6


I designed this Wedding Accessories home page below using the photos given to me.
It is elegant and classic which is the essence of a wedding.

Picture 5


I did not design the following two sites, but I did help with the smaller details such as web functionality and helped to photoshop some of the photos used in the FUSE site. The China Unicom Site was my first real experience going to a client’s office and although they spoke Chinese, my supervisor, Jo, showed me
how to give a good digital presentation.

Picture 1

Picture 8


Picture 2

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